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United Airlines

Winning the United Airlines pitch was not only monumental from a billings perspective, as Andy Berlin told me "you just made Fallon an international agency." He was correct. The boutique NYC office we opened went global and the home office in MPLS, MN was ecstatic.






Art Director

Defining the brand

The United Rising campaign broke with tradition by pointing up passenger frustrations with air travel, and then promising that United would make amends. This change was anchored by the employee campaign directed internally. Change had come for the company and the industry.

The fun part

Rising was a controversial approach to brand building. The ask was bigger than a marketing campaign. It was a program that the company had to implement to succeed. United eventually fell back on their legendary "Friendly Skies" theme which no longer rang true to disgruntled business travelers. Greg Hahn was my partner and wrote the employee campaign.

United Airlines

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