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New Balance

One of the few American athletic brands that still builds its shoes in the USA had struggled to take off and become stodgy. New Balance was known to runners as a shoe with multiple widths, but little else. It also had a budget so small it couldn't compete with any of the major players. Yet it had something special, spunk.


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Defining the brand

Abandoning the outdated look, feel and messaging we went afer what the brand persona was and still is today. A way to be better. Not to just do things, but to recieve the end result of them. Like the mood altering bliss of working out or running. Achieving a new balance. A double entendre on life and brand.

The fun part

Achieve New Balance struck a cord with runners. It also quadrupled sales. The campaign ran for over 10 years, won multiple awards and is still used today by the company. From shoes, apparel, signage and packaging.

New Balance

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