Kevin Amter

Drool Incorporated

Babies do it. Homer Simpson does it and yes, men and women do it too. Drooling over wants vs. needs. Its genetic and referred to as envy. It was the obvious choice for a cluture driven lifestyle brand back by two venture capitalists who were also gear nuts.


The Innovation Bureau


Iconography, Web Design, Content Management, App, Letterhead


Executive Creative Director

Defining the brand

The slate was utterly blank. Nomenclature, logo, app, website and strategy were all developed from scratch. Competive analysis yielded a truism. The spectacular creates an emotional response transending control to the physical. Drooling.

The fun part

Drool Incorporated » A product-driven lifestyle brand » proved a small budget can be just as rewarding as a Super Bowl budget. The brand has resulted in a ground swell of cult like following among young gear, tech and design junkie. Social Media rocketed the campaign into the mainstream.

Drool Incorporated

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