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UPS International

McCann London needed a new iconic campaign for their client UPS International. Finding little in the strategy brief we focused on the companies actual white page. We literally took the companies corporate policies, read through 1000's of pages and decided to focus on a dozen or so. We built stories around the great everyday legnths UPS employees go to deliver a package. Whatever it takes, consider it done.


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Defining the brand

The UK's perception of UPS was of an American company didn't fit their culture. By focusing on the face of the company, package delivery, we let all of Europe know UPS cared for their packages and them too.

The fun part

UPS International became a first choice carrier in the UK, Ireland and moved up two spots in Singapore. The campaign was so well received internally the client commissioned the mnemonic book design to act as a guideline for their corporate white paper.

UPS International

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