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Code 217

What do you do for a team of men that worked at the higest levels within agencies like: NYPD, ESU, FBI, JTF, SWAT, DHS, FEMA, CSS, CONUS and OCONUS? Men that have thousands of hours of real world special operations experience and have trained with the best global instructors available? Make them happy or better yet, more successful.


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Defining the brand

Code 217, the Penal code for assault with the intent to murder, was the framework for a self-defense focused training company. It gave the team an opportunity to leverage the civilian, military and law enforcement markets. Our integrated eCommerce solution gave users an immediate secure payement solution directly through an interactive calendar, letting the Code 217 team focus on students becoming more efficient and proficient with less paperwork in the office. The modern design gave them a consitent brand presenece across all mediums. Including the development of content generation for Social Media and a personal connection to their customer base with a scrollable interactive grid gallery of photography.

The fun part

Code 217 has become a premier self-defense training compqny serving United States citizens. The team is instructing students at multiple shooting ranges, levels of experience and disciplines. The campaign has been a massive success with 1400% increase in revenue in the first two years. Simply put, they are Good To Go.

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