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Frustrated Miller Brewing Co. executives watched helplessly as they kept losing ground to Budweiser.


Fallon + Ogilvy


Television + Print


Art Director + Creative Director

Defining the brand

Miller executives were very conscious that with Miller Lite, "we have to go for the fences this time. A single or a double was not going to do it." And such was born the infamous "The Miller Lite Miller Time" campaign created at Fallon. Years later I worked across the Miller brand line at Ogivly. As a Creative Director I managed different aspect of the account and sold a massive tv campaign Joe Pytka directed.

The fun part

The beer category will always be one of my favorite product categories to work on and I expect to continue to break through the clutter in the future. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, "How many more ads could Madison Avenue churn out with males bonding over frosty mugs with sexy women hovering in the background?" Many writers worked on the creative here, but Steven Johnson, Stephanie Crippen and Tripp Westbrook each wrote one of the TV spots.


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