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Minds For Rent

There is an art to freelancing, just as much as there is an art to the craft of advertising. I was approached over the years by many of the top creatives in the country about what I considered basics on how to be a successful freelancer. So I began writing it all down for them. Notes became paragraphs, paragraphs pages and then the term, "Minds For Rent."


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Executive Creative Director


Defining the brand

"Minds Fore Rent" is a 50 page how to e-book for creatives looking to freelance not only in advertising, but in many aspects of business.

The fun part

Amazon sales are calculated quarterly and have been steady Nationally and Internationally since the books launch. Sales to date go well into the five figures through a combinaiton of social media, the 45,000 members on the Advertising Freelance Linkedin Group, Twitter and Facebook. The price is intentionally low.

Minds For Rent

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