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2011 was a year of unprecendented uncertainty for T-Mobile, or any other business for that matter. Just before the holidays, the U.S. Department of Justice vetoed the $39 billion dollar merger with ATT, leaving them starting 2012 with a huge challenge: How to reboot the brand, in record time? We called it radical reappraisal.




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Redefining the brand

T-Mobile's true spirit needed a voice beyond the cute, cost effective choice for a low income target market. Carly's "Alter Ego" represented T-Mobile's true challenger brand mentality while focusing on core brand attributes: speed, coverage and innovation. All communication pushed to that let users do just that, test the netowrk against all competition, in real time.

The fun part

The re-brand was a massive success. With over one billion new impressions and a 300% increase in web and mobile click thru rates. T-Mobile continuse to use the new color palate, type design, nemonic and brand guidelines for all communications. Watch The Case Study for the assessment and full metrics.


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